Carey Davis-Munro and Julian Roberts are interviewing coaches, to understand their story of why they became a coach and the journey that got them to here today. We want to get behind the coach and reveal the person in the coach.

March 19, 2021

Episode 49 with Joanna Young who is a coach and trainer

Listen to Joanna who shares her story of 30 years as a police officer in the metropolitan police and then switched to create and develop her own training business, focusing on leadership and resilience, although she did feel there was something missing within her offering. And realised this was coaching, so decided to train as a coach to further add to what she was doing, this was not in her original plan. Joanna has a passion for people and helping them succeed.


Her story is an inspiring one, where she has taken her police experience of working in complex and challenging environments, and so understands the pressures and demands on leaders, organisations and individuals, and uses this experience to draw upon in her coaching and training.


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